The concept behind Just A Thought is based on the works of Eckhart Tolle. I help individuals to rediscover their true psychological make up and innate wellbeing. Once one comes to the realisation of how their mind works, the insight brings forth a life changing transformation.


Peace of mind, clarity, compassion, humour and love are just some of the things to expect as a result of this understanding.


"I hope to provide a service for anyone who would benefit from discovering a simple means to manage stress, anxiety, depression, etc and what can seem to be uncontrollable and persistent thoughts that often have a negative impact on our lives. Alcohol, drugs, compulsive eating, gambling, etc are all things we turn to when our lives become unmanageable. They are all symptoms. The cause is the innocent misuse of our thinking.

My presentation will point you back to your inner wellbeing."


"I can offer a one to one service or facilitate support groups where by viewing this simple presentation i hope to help you realise that you are OK at all times, have innate wellbeing and can really enjoy your life once you understand how your experiences of life are created. Please contact me if you would like a booking."    07815 289 505.



                                                                   Wellbeing talks for charities.


"In today's pressurised and fast-moving world many people are experiencing difficulties in maintaining good mental health and wellbeing. The wellbeing talk i facilitate helps improve mental and emotional health and resilience, reducing absenteeism  and creating an inclusive culture of success in which everyone feels valued."

"I recently was fortunate to have experienced one of Michael's talks at an event I attended through Birmingham Every Step of the Way. 
I found it extremely interesting as did the group as a whole. I have found that I am applying it to my daily life. As a group we continue to refer to what we learnt .
I believe Michael is coming back to do some more work with us. Well recommended."  

Sam Walsh. Birmingham Changing Futures.


"Thanks Michael, this was a real benefit to the staff, everyone really enjoyed the presentation. I wish we had looked into a wellbeing talks years ago. Looking forward to the next one."

Anthony Smith. M.D. Midland Air Conditioning.

"Very good afternoon. It’s amazing just how little we know about our thoughts and how they affect our every day lives. Everyone felt the same and we all discussed in the office how eye opening it is."

Emma Smith. M.A.C. Accountant.


  "Superb today, Mike - thank you. The whole of today's meeting was really what we like our network to be all about! And your presentation contributed hugely to that, so thank you!"   

Matthew Brayshaw. Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Authority.


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